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CA4027B3/TM - Brašna na notebook, Black Square, Piquadro

CA4027B3 TM 1 003
9 580 Kč –18 %
7 850 Kč
Na dotaz

Brašna na notebook s oddílem pro iPad®Air/Pro 9,7 , Black Square


Rozměry   40,00 x 30,00 x 8,00 (cm)
Hmotnost   0.972 g
Počet komor
Type of construction   soft
Additional information about construction   horizontal
Thickness of the article   with gusset
Manufacturing   with piping
Ramenní popruh   odnímatelný
Dekorace ramenního popruhu   s logem odpovídající barvy
Oddíl pro notebook   do 15"
Oddíl pro notebook   polstrovaný neopren
PC sleeve/divider positioning   internal
Trolley fitting accessory   with strap
Type of lock   zippered
Interior Organisation   fixed
Number of handles   2
Type of handles   sewn
Key holder   removable interior
Mobile holder features   interior mobile phone pocket
Closure   single
Bottle carrier   exterior bottle carrier
Additional features of bottle carrier   folding
Utility pocket   fixed
iPad®Air - iPad®Pro 9.7/iPad 10,5" pouzdro   fixní
Materiál   kůže
Druh kůže   telecí




Material Details


Black Square rucksacks, bags and accessories are made with a full-grain Tuscan hide tanned using plant tannins. Its uneven look is the result of an original handcrafted process, the washing, which preserves all the warmth and allure of genuine, uncoated leather. After tanning, expert hands place the hide in large vats filled with water without adding chemical substances. The leather is then dried in drums and then laid out so that is fibres relax. Thanks to the experience of patient master tanners, in this way the hide acquires those differences in shades of colour, grain and softness that make every piece of the Black Square collection unique and exclusive.


Product tests

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Kód Kód: CA4027B3/TM
Jméno značky: Piquadro
Kategorie: Brašny na notebooky
Záruka: 3 roky


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