CA3133CE/R - Brašna na notebooki, Celion, Piquadro


PC Sleeve Type padded notebook compartment  Trolley fitting accessory wth rear zippered pocket  Interior Organisation fixed Key holder removable interior iPad®Air - iPad®Pro 9.7-iPad 10,5

5 480 Kč
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Brašna na notebook s kapsou pro iPad®Pro/iPad®mini, Celion


Rozměry   39,50 x 28,00 x 6,50 (cm)
Hmotnost   0.720 g
Počet kapes   2
Type of construction   soft
Additional information about construction   horizontal
Thickness of the article   with gusset
Manufacturing   turned
Ramenní popruh   odnímatelný
Dekorace ramenního popruhu   s logem odpovídající barvy
PC Sleeve Size   notebook da 14"
PC Sleeve Type   polstrovaná přihrádka na notebook
Additional features of PC compartment   neopren
PC sleeve/divider positioning   internal
USB Flash drive sleeve   fixed
Trolley fitting accessory   wth rear zippered pocket
Type of lock   zippered
Interior Organisation   fixed
Number of handles   2
Type of handles   sewn
Key holder   removable interior
Mobile holder features   exterior mobile phone pocket
Utility pocket   fixed
iPad®Air - iPad®Pro 9.7/iPad 10,5" pouzdro   není odnímatelné
Druh kůže   telecí
Material   kůže a voděodolná látka



Material Details

The Celion line is made of durable and practical technical fabric with a semi-glossy surface, and is embellished with full-grain calfskin details distinguished by the distinctive and elegant dark blue trim.


Product tests

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Kód Kód: CA3133CE/R
Jméno značky: Piquadro
Kategorie: Brašny na notebooky
Záruka: 3 roky

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