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CA2943OS/TM - Batoh na notebook a tablet, Coleos, Piquadro

9 770 Kč
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Batoh na notebook s oddílem pro iPad®, s kapsou na deštník a ochranou proti dešti.


Rozměry   32,00 x 43,50 x 18,50 (cm)
Hmotnost   1.306 g
Type of construction   soft
Additional information about construction   vertical
Thickness of the article   with gusset
Manufacturing   turned
Oddíl pro notebook   14"
Oddíl pro notebook   polstrovaný neopren
PC sleeve/divider positioning   internal
Trolley fitting accessory   with strap
Type of lock   zippered
Interior Organisation   fixed
Number of handles   1
Type of handles   sewn
Mobile holder features   interior mobile phone pocket
Umbrella pocket   umbrella pocket
Pen holder   pen loop
Kapsa pro Ipad®   fixní
Materiál   kůže a textilní materiál
Druh kůže   telecí



Material Details

The Coleos collection is distinguished by its various styles.Some models are the result of combining a hard-wearing and water-resistant coated matt technical fabric and leather details. Others are instead entirely made of full-grain cowhide, featuring different prints and grains, or different types of fabric matched with full-grain cowhide details. All models are trimmed with elegant aluminium finishes. ack finish.



Product tests

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Kód Kód: CA2943OS/TM
Jméno značky: Piquadro
Kategorie: Batohy na notebooky
Záruka: 3 roky

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